Course 2 – Korean Alphabet II

The korean alphabet named Hangul is composed of 10 vowels and 14 consonants. There is also the combined vowels and the double consonants. In the previous course we covered the simple vowels and the simple consonants. In this course we will cover the double consonants and the combined vowels.

Double Consonants

5 consonants can be doubled and they are the following

Double Consonantᄀᄀᄃᄃᄇᄇᄉᄉᄌᄌ

Combined Vowels

Vowels can be combined as well, and here are the combined vowels :

ㅢ(ui) , ㅟ (wi) , ㅐ(ae), ㅖ(ye), ㅔ(e), ㅒ(yae) , ㅚ(oe)

ㅘ (wa), ㅙ(wae), ㅝ(wo), ㅞ (we)

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